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All About Erasmus+ Youth Activities (EN)


Course Content

1.0 Introduction to Erasmus

 1.1 Discover what Erasmus+ is

 1.2 Explore the Objectives and Priorities of Erasmus+ Youth in Action

 1.3 Discover Important Features of Erasmus+ Youth in Action

 1.4 Explore Quality of Erasmus+ Youth in Action Projects

 1.5 Find out Support Structures for Erasmus+ Youth in Action

 1.6 Who Can Participate in the Erasmus+ Programme?

2.0 KA1 Youth Exchange

 2.1 Discover What a Youth Exchange is

 2.2 Establish a Youth Exchange Group

 2.3 Create Youth Exchange Partnership

 2.4 Make youth exchanges between programme and partner countries

 2.5 Design Youth Exchange Activity Programme

 2.6 Make Impact with Youth Exchanges

 2.7 Take the First Steps with Youth Exchanges

3.0 KA1 International Volunteering Activities EVS/ESC

 3.1 Discover European Voluntary Service

 3.2 What is EVS & how do I do it

 3.3 Understand the Aims of European Voluntary Service

 3.4 International volunteering with neighbouring countries

 3.5 Meet the Players Involved in European Voluntary Service

 3.6 Take the First Steps in European Voluntary Service

4.0 KA1 Mobility Youth Workers

 4.1 Discover the Mobility of Youth Workers

 4.2 Explore the Diverse Forms of Youth Workers’ Mobility Projects

 4.3 Cooperate with your neighbouring partners

 4.4 Explore the Major Quality Demands of Youth Workers’ Mobility C

 4.5 Match Your Aims for Your Target Group

 4.6 Explore the Diverse Forms of Youth Workers’ Mobility Projects

5.0 KA2 - Strategic Partnerships

 5.1 Find out Strategic Partnership essentials

 5.2 Choose the type of Strategic Partnerships

 5.3 Discover Transnational Youth Initiatives

 5.4 Define the relevance of your Strategic Partnership idea

 5.5 Building balanced long term Partnerships

 5.6 Aims and objectives for Strategic Partnerships

 5.7 Activities: The Elements of Strategic Partnerships

 5.8 Strategic Partnership project design

 5.9 Managment and Communication in a Strategic Partnership

 5.10 Construction of the budget in Strategic Partnership projects

 5.11 Planning Results, Impact and Dissemination of Strategic Partnerships

6.0 KA3 Structured Dialogue

 6.1 Discover the KA3 Structured Dialogue projects

 6.2 Structured Dialogue in one minute

 6.3 Have Your Say – Structured Dialogue of Youth

 6.4 Learn the Rules of Structured Dialogue projects

 6.5 Build up a good partnership for Structured Dialogue

 6.6 Design your Participatory Approach

 6.7 Create Impact through Dissemination and Exploitation of Results

7.0 Project Management & Application

 7.1 How to write a project (Problem tree)

 7.2 How to write a good project (SMARTER goals)

8.0 Non-Formal Education

 8.1 Learn about Non-Formal Education

 8.2 Learn about Non-Formal Education

 8.3 The story of Youthpass – Part I

 8.4 The Story of Youthpass – part II