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EU Ambassadors


About This Course

In this course you will be able to learn about the European Union. The course will guide you from the historic part, how it all started, through the process of expanding the Union to the actions of citizens nowadays.

Course Content

I. The History of European Union

 1) Introduction

 2) World War II

 3) The end of World War II

 4) The Cold War and the Schuman Declaration

 5) EU treaties and other agreements

 6) The Berlin Wall

 7) European Parliament’s first elections and EEC’s first enlargement

 8) The Fall of the Berlin Wall

 9) The EU from 1990’s to today

 10) Conclusion

II. EU Institutions

 1) General Information

 2) Introduction to the European Union

 3) The European Parliament

 4) The Council of European Union

 5) The European Council

 6) The European Commission

 7) On the Future of Europe

III. Active Citizenship

 1) Introduction

 2) What is active citizenship?

 3) EU’s active citizenship models


This course was supported by the European Education and Culture Executive Agency from the European Union